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  1. Call for artwork opens on November 20, 2020.

  2. Entry deadline is 11:59pm January 31, 2021.

  3. Theme

    • Share your vision of the world or as you imagine it. Artwork that reflects the world and how you see it. 

  4. Who can enter?

    • If you are an artist, of any age, skill level and medium, submit your work. Be bold! 

    • If you are a minor, please have a teacher/parent/guardian be responsible for entering original works of art entirely produced by the student/ minor and signing the release and waiver of rights forms. 

  5. How will the contest be judged?

  6. Rule for Originality

    • Artists are responsible for entering only original works of art.

    • Artwork deemed to be too similar to a copied source or plagiarized will be disqualified. 

    • Every element of the artwork must be the work of the artist whose name appears on the back of the artwork. 

    • Artwork MAY NOT be copied from other sources without substantial creative changes.

  7. Rights

    • All artwork ownership is retained by the artist. This means we can use your artwork for the street banner print publication and online publication in MINC’s websites and social media platforms to further the mission of the Mid City Art Project Contest. We will respect the integrity of the artwork and will not allow the outside commercial use of entered artwork without permission of the artist (and parents/guardians).

    • The artwork will potentially be displayed with a header and footer on vinyl 36” W x 96” H street pole banners and in City Hall.​

  8. What’s the artist's reward and recognition?

    • Selected artists will have their artwork be displayed on a street banner on Washington Blvd for the next three years. There is also a possibility that the artwork will be displayed at City Hall during Black History Month. 

  1. Use the online submission form to enter the contest.

  2. Using the online submission form, send us a high resolution image of your artwork using the following accepted files (.jpeg, .tif, .png, or .raw) to enter the contest. 

  3. If you are having trouble using the online submission form, you can follow the steps below:

    • Email subject line must read “Mid City Artist Project Art Contest Submission: Artist’s First and Last Name”

    • Attach a photo or a scan of the artwork, and email image to and

    • Download PDF, sign, and then attach a scan or photo of the Submission Form to the email. 





We will pre-fill a copyrights permission form with your submitted information and the LA City Clerk will email you a waiver to docu-sign


Review, Print, and Attach a scan or photo of the Signed Submission Form. 


Email to and

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